Fitness Epiphany!!!

One of the things I find most intriguing about epiphanies is that they can literally happen to anyone at any time. You could be walking down the street, or daydreaming, or listening to music, or doing just about anything, and BAM!!! It hits you!! You weren’t looking for it and most assuredly weren’t expecting it, but it happened. And it might be the single most transformational moment in your life.

When people tell me about their personal stories and the epiphanies that have changed their lives, a lot of those stories have led to those people making physical fitness an important part of their lives. A good friend of mine owns a towing company ( and he sent this video to me the other day, which instantly struck a cord with many of the stories I have heard. The video might be a bit excessive because I’m not even sure if it is healthy to have that type of physique, but the point of the video, at least for me, is to show what a person is capable of accomplishing when he/she puts their mind to it. I hope you enjoy it!!

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